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Richter, D., van Moorselaar, D., and Theeuwes, J. (2024)

Proactive distractor suppression in early visual cortex

bioRxiv (preprint)

Richter, D., Kietzmann, T.C., and de Lange F.P. (2023)

High-level prediction errors in low-level visual cortex

bioRxiv (preprint)

Yan, C., de Lange F.P., and Richter, D. (2023)

Conceptual associations generate sensory predictions

The Journal of Neuroscience

Associated preprint:

Cogitate Consortium, [...], Richter, D. (co-first author), [...], Pitts, M., Mudrik, L., Melloni, L., (2023)

An adversarial collaboration to critically evaluate theories of consciousness

bioRxiv (preprint)

Melloni, L., Mudrik, L., Pitts, M., [...], Richter, D., [...], Dehaene, S., Koch, C., Tononi, G. (2023)

An adversarial collaboration protocol for testing contrasting predictions of global neuronal workspace and integrated information theory.

Plos one

Richter, D., Heilbron, M., and de Lange F.P. (2022)

Dampened sensory representations for expected input across the ventral visual stream

Oxford Open Neuroscience

Ferrari, A., Richter, D., and de Lange F.P. (2022)

Updating contextual sensory expectations for adaptive behaviour

The Journal of Neuroscience

He, T., Richter, D., Wang, Z., and de Lange F. P. (2022)

Spatial and temporal context jointly modulate the sensory response within the ventral visual stream

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience

Heilbron, M., Richter, D., Ekman, M., Hagoort, P., and de Lange, F.P. (2020)

Word contexts enhance the neural representation of individual letters in early visual cortex

Nature Communications

Richter, D., and de Lange, F.P. (2019)

Statistical learning attenuates visual activity only for attended stimuli


Richter, D., Ekman M., and de Lange F.P. (2018)

Suppressed sensory response to predictable object stimuli throughout the ventral visual stream

The Journal of Neuroscience

Doctoral Thesis

Richter, D.

Prediction throughout visual cortex: How statistical regularities shape sensory processing.


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